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Navigation Through Air Space

DATE: 18TH OCT 2020

TIME: 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM


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Join us in this exciting session where we discuss the backend process of aircraft flight Navigation. We are going to discuss the Civil Aviation Rules and regulations to fly an aircraft, Air routes, Navigational Aids in Aviation, Radar Signalling,  Techniques used by Air Traffic Controllers to keep the sky safe and much more.

Get onboard to this webinar to hear about the unsung heroes of Aviation, An Air Traffic Control Officer and what makes their job one of the most challenging jobs in the world and also to hear the ton of tasks that run behind every single flight making the air travel the safest.


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Mr.Garudammagari Sai Venu Gopal Reddy, working as an Air Traffic Control Officer for the Airports Authority of India is Passionate about learning and sharing the knowledge. He is a Software Engineer ( Oracle Transportation Management) worked for the World's Largest Telecom Company AT&T on behalf of Tech Mahindra. 

He has done his Engineering in Electronics & Communication and known for being Independent, Taking Initiatives, and Leading a team during his college days as well as at the workplace.
He was recognized by Tech Mahindra for being a Team Player, Driving Positive Change and Demonstrating Alternative Thinking in Incident Management.
He believes in Knowledge sharing. He says that Leadership skills and Entrepreneurship skills are everyone's cup of tea.

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